Become aware that you are the source of your own happiness  – Werner

Welcome to our online yoga studio. We specialize in super duper gentle yummy yoga for any body. We call it Awareness Yoga.



How do I know this yoga is right for me?
Awareness Yoga is appropriate for beginners and also advanced yogi’s will get a lot out this practice. Awareness Yoga is more of a work-in then a work out. It is healing and restorative and relaxing.

Where do I start?
Anywhere! The videos are are all complete with full instruction in each one.

If I have any injuries, can I do this yoga?
As with any form of movement, when you have an injury, you do need to check with your doctor. Awareness Yoga is gentle and appropriate for most any body. Try it and be gentle with yourself.

Am I too old to start yoga?
No! You can start Awareness Yoga at any age and any fitness level. We have had people in their 80’s do this yoga.

Legs up the wall is great for any body pain but especially low back and neck pain. If you have tight hamstrings this pose should be done with your legs over a chair or couch. Enjoy! Remember you can always email with questions.

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