Small Changes

You can move a mountain, but you have to do it one step at a time. If you want to transform your life or change anything at all, just try doing a little better every day. That’s what has worked for me. I play little bit of guitar every day, work in my garden, meditate, do yoga, feel grateful…. over the years this has helped cultivate the wonderful life I have today. I have always been committed to the inner work. It’s an ongoing process mind you! Uncovering many nooks and crannies. But these tools help get me through without the drama that I had with challenges when I was young. I never did like roller coasters anyway.

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Nature’s Intelligence

Deepak Chopra’s most influential book for me was The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. It was part of my spiritual awakening many years ago. Being very much a doing type person, I resonate with the law of least effort and have learned how to tap into it….finally! We have an inner gravity, an inner knowingness