Small Changes

You can move a mountain, but you have to do it one step at a time. If you want to transform your life or change anything at all, just try doing a little better every day. That’s what has worked for me. I play little bit of guitar every day, work in my garden, meditate, do yoga, feel grateful…. over the years this has helped cultivate the wonderful life I have today. I have always been committed to the inner work. It’s an ongoing process mind you! Uncovering many nooks and crannies. But these tools help get me through without the drama that I had with challenges when I was young. I never did like roller coasters anyway.

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Where do I start with meditation? 

I have been in India for the past month and the highlight of this trip was teaching our children how to meditate. It came very natural to them and they are all now meditating for 15 minutes at 6pm each and every day. A proud moment for Mommy Corrine. I am thrilled that meditation is starting