Blissed Ready for Change Annual Membership

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Your membership gives you access to our virtual online yoga, meditation and consciousness expanding website.

Membership includes:
*Awareness Yoga videos and audios with new ones being created and added weekly
*Specific Awareness Yoga poses for different body issues
*Guided Meditation audios and videos constantly updating and changing
*Full versions of inspiring interviews and conversations with real people who are using these same tools to expand and enrich their lives
*Full versions of educational and informative interviews with top wellness experts and teachers from around the world
Gifts for subscribing: 
*Secrets to Happiness CD by Corrine:  A collection of positive affirmations, quotes, prayers and music that uplifts and opens your heart.
*PDF of Manifestation Handbook by Corrine Champigny: A book by Corrine written early on in her spiritual journey that she has now turned into an ebook.

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