Meditation Room

We suffer more in our imagination then in reality.

Welcome to our Meditation Room. We are huge believers in the power of meditation! There are many types of guided meditations here to choose from. Some shorter, some longer. In-joy : ).


Free Meditations

FAQ about Meditation

Can I meditate with my eyes open?
There are open eyed meditations and also also walking meditations so much meditation out there in the world. But our guided meditations are best done sitting down with eyes closed. We feel that most of our days are spent with our attention turned outward and so we want to help you turn inward. We want to help you get comfortable with your inner world.


How often or how long should I meditate?
Whatever you are comfortable with is fine. We have shorter meditations that are 5 minutes which is a good start. Do the best you can.

Is my mind suppose to be blank in meditation?

NO!! The best description of meditation is to allow everything to be as it is. No forcing or straining. Thoughts are part of the mind and part of meditation. The mind will calm, the more you pay attention to the words and music in the guided meditations.