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Greetings subscribers. If you find yourself reading this, we are probably friends on facebook or you have been on my newsletter list for many years. This is my first blog post since launching the new website. My intentions for these posts are to share positive helpful information in brevity. Healthy living, positive perspectives, insights and inspiring information and yes, let’s laugh too!
I have returned home to Nashville after a life transforming two months in INDIA! The first thing I did is put my jeans on and luckily they still fit even after all of that amazing food…whew. Unpacking from India is always bitter sweet, even after 18 years of annual trips. The sweetness of arriving back to familiar food, friends, family and life’s comforts and conveniences of the west. At the same time, the bitterness of leaving my beloved India and of course our kids who are so very far away. Yet I have learned over the years of having my life and heart in two separate places, that all of it, is always within me. Deepak Chopra use to say that it was a paradox that people want an out of body experience because ultimately our spirit is everywhere and we are having an in body experience now by being human. Daily meditation, yoga, love and living with more awareness all help me to tap into that infinite well of the eternal moment within myself. I was blessed to attend a 30 day silent retreat in my 20’s where I quite literally found the universe inside myself. Since then I have been committed to living life from the knowing that all of the answers are in the silence. Peace and contentment reside within all of us. You simply have to Inquire Within. is dedicated to supporting you in finding peace and happiness from the inside out. Through the magical powers of the internet and video, we simply share the tools, people, books, movies, yoga, meditation, retreats and teachers that we love! We are meant to live life in joy each and every day. And when we are not in joy, we are growing, learning and expanding our perspectives. Sometimes we need a little support getting us through our perspective shifts. We hope to be a part of your happiness and growth support team.
I spent a year working on this website after formulating it in my mind for many years prior to that. It has been a labor of love. You can access the good stuff/premium content by becoming a member and subscribing. Many of you getting this blog are currently only signed up for the blog and not the exclusive members content. Sign up now for a free three month trial period. My intention has always been to keep this as affordable as possible and at the same time help me cover some costs. The membership will be less then $60 a year.
For those of you already subscribed, you will continue to have free access until the end of June.
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