Healing Through Breathing

Healing Through Breathing

Enjoy this new video that I just uploaded to blissed.com that was filmed in beautiful Newfoundland, Canada! The topic is healing through breathing and how the breath works in the physiology. In yoga we call this pranayama. As part of the free videos on blissed.com,  you can share this with anyone you think might need it. Don’t we all need to breathe a little more deeply?

I have been hard at work tweaking blissed.com to make it worthy of the $54 annual fee and so we have extended the free membership trial period until the end of July. If you haven’t browsed around the site lately, try it as we have changed a lot this past week. It is very easy to navigate and find all of the videos now. But of course we are still tweaking and open to feedback.

We get 80% of our daily energy and vitality from our breath. So take a deep inhale in now as you read this….ahhh, that’s better.

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