Favorite Healthy Cookie

2 cups of rolled oats (I try and use the gluten free kind)
1 cup maple syrup (they say grade B is mo better)
1 cup of nut butter (almond is my favorite and what i always use)
1 cup of trail mix (something with dried fruit and nuts AND you can get one that already has chocolate in it too or just use individual chips)
2 handfuls of chocolate chips (personal favorite is Ghiradelli Chocolate)
pinch of salt
* Optional: fresh peeled and chopped ginger. I like it strong, so I add about and an inch or more of it:)

Set oven to 325 degrees.
Add all ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well.
Cover cookie sheet with parchment paper.
With a normal size spoon, scoop out the ingredients with one hand and with the other sort of pack down the cookie to the utensil in attempt to help it stick together.
Place individual cookies on cookie sheet and slide them in the oven.
Cook for about 9-11 minutes.

Remove, let cool and ENJOY