About Corrine
Corrine's angelic voice will bring your soul to new heights
Deepak Chopra

Canadian born singer/songwriter Corrine Champigny returned from an extended stay in India and realized that she was meant to share her life and teachings through music. Over the years her love of the Indian culture and philosophy has lead her to study and share the teachings of yoga, Sanskrit, chanting and meditation. A professional musician for many years, Corrine now combines her love of music and yoga in her life's work. Whether it is kirtan, Devotional Trance, a yoga workshop, festival or singing at a Sunday service, Corrine's music resonates from her heart and into each who experiences her Bhakti (devotion).

For the past eight years Corrine has had the privilege of performing at many of Dr. Deepak Chopra's seminars and lectures.

Corrine resides in both southern California and South India, and travels worldwide to share her music and wisdom.

A staff writer for BMG for two years, Corrine learned the craft of songwriting while living in Nashville, the songwriting capital of the world! With six CD's to her credit Corrine plays music for Festivals, Coffee Houses, Yoga Studios, Churches and gatherings both small and large.

The songs and music of Corrine take me to a mystical place, a place where the Divine dwells within my soul. Our Spiritual Community always travels there when she sings to us.
- Rev. Kevin Bucy, Founding Minister of Midtown Church San Diego, CA

Korin has been playing music for Sunday morning services at churches all over the world for many years. Her music effortlessly supports the Minister's and their morning messages. Corrine's music is her Ministry!

Corrine teaches a variety of workshops depending on the needs of the studio, venue and students.

Enchanting Yoga: An afternoon workshop that includes Vinyasa Yoga, chanting and meditation. Experience the art of special sequencing, (vinyasa) and how to be both strong and soft in your yoga practice. Learn the importance of sound and how you can use chanting as a tool for both healing and transcendence. The workshop will end with a blissful meditation. Yoga teacher and kirtan leader Korin will bring her vast experience and heart centered approach to create an enchanting yoga experience.

Other workshops include: Seated Chair Massage, Primordial Sound Meditation, Chakra Toning, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Inchanting Yoga.

Experience bliss by chanting the names of the divine. After studying and teaching yoga for the past ten years, Corrine learned the traditional Bhakti, (devotion) practice of Sanskrit chanting. A gathering of people that chant the names of the divine is known as Kirtan. Corrine leads Kirtans at Yoga Studios, Churches and also for special seminars with Deepak Chopra and others.

A great guru once stated that the biggest problem in the world was noise pollution and he wasn't talking about the outside world. It is our inner world that has so much noise and chatter. Chanting helps to purify the mind and even the atmosphere around us. We contribute to healing ourselves and the world around us when we chant. Gathering in a group for Kirtan is a powerful and blissful experience. Kirtan with Corrine consists of traditional Sanskrit and English chanting.